CSS Margin, Gap, and Flexbox
CSS margins are a major source of headache for web developers. Is there a solution?
You don't need 'the edge'
Edge computing makes the concept of 'the cloud' real. But is it actually that different from what we had before?
Making Spotify Wrapped for iTunes.xml files using TreeSitter ... in 2024
iTunes for Windows and MacOS offers data export in the form of XML files. As part of my major computer science assessment, I build a parser for these files to extract listening statistics.
Should you really be using AVIF?
Do the benefits of this image codec based on AV1 really mean you should stop using JPEG? Read my 4000 word essay.
What I learnt building in Go
6 months ago I started work on my personal website. Now it's completed, I reflect on this process and my learnings.